The importance of water intake.

How much water roughly do you think you have daily?

Is this enough, the right amount or too much.

We should be drinking roughly 2-2.5 litres of water a day but if you are like me getting this much water in every day is not the easier thing to do. However, there are so many ways to get your water intake and lots of different thing you can do to make drinking water more appealing and tastier.

Water is widely accessible for the most of us and it is a cheap way to quench thirst at any time. While lots of other drinks are available to us, we must remember water has no sugar so when replacing water for another option to opt for something that also has no sugar for it to have the benefits for us as water does. If you do not like plain water, you could try sparkling water or adding a slice of lemon or lime to plain water. We can also add squash no-added sugar squash of course. Plain tea, fruit teas and coffee can also be a healthy option if there is no added sugar. Milk also has many benefits such a building and maintaining healthy bones but again for a healthier option you should use semi-skimmed, skimmed or 1% fat milk.

Then we have the world of smoothies which combines our five a day and hydration all into one drink. sometimes are often attach to good health and why wouldn’t they be, lots of blended fruits making for an easier way to achieve our intake of 5 a day. However, it is important to be aware of the amount of sugar in these drinks. Once we blend or break down fruits the sugars become free sugars, meaning the sugars becomes the same as the added teaspoons of sugar we might add to our tea’s and coffee’s. This isn’t to say do not have smoothies because they are really yummy let’s face it but we must keep to the daily recommendation of 150ML glass a day.

So here are some ways I have been trying to stay hydrated.

I have recently been making some very basic but extra tasty smoothie bowls. I am no expert and literally just throwing together what I think will work. What I have been doing is blending two – three fruits in my nutri-bullet my favourite so far is mango, kiwi and strawberries topped with Kellogg clusters and whole raspberries on top.

Another good way to stay hydrated and getting in the right amount of water is to treat yourself to a fancy bottle and look at it like an investment because we really should invest in our own health.

Finally I am trying to start my day off with a glass of water and drink only lemon or lime infused water for the first hour I am a wake this just helps to remind me of the importance of hydration. I mean this does not always happen but I am trying and it does seem to becoming a much more frequent occurrences.

Below in the images are lots of ways to infuse your own water and I know for sure I will be trying some of these myself.

Let me know in the comment if you have any tips for helping with water intake or if you will be trying out any of the suggested tips in this blog post.

Love R, x

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