Light at the end of the #lockdown tunnel.

So with Boris Johnsons latest announcement we all might just be feeling a little more positive, excited, anxious, scared and overwhelmed and me being one of them for sure.

However, I have seen so many things online along the lines off...

Things I do not want to hear after lockdown ‘I am not coming out tonight sorry’ At 12:00 in the club ‘I am going home’ ‘I am not drinking tonight’


‘We have X months before lockdown is lifted let’s leave lockdown as the best versions of ourselves’

‘This is my diet now till summer’ with a picture of ice on a plate I am sure you have all seen it right?

And trust me I am here for people celebrating the joy this has brought them but you have to be aware of what you are sharing online as always. I am all for people getting back out and making the most of all the things we have missed so much however I think it is extremely important to remember that everyone will be feeling different about lockdown being lifted.

Talking from a personal viewpoint firstly I really struggle with social anxiety or what I think is social anxiety (I have never been diagnosed with anything but I am just making a judgement based of learning and understanding my behaviours over the years) so the idea of going out every time the opportunity arise is scary. I often will commit to plans and then the closer and closer it gets to the date I get nervous, worried, and scared so I will cancel and it’s never personal to my friends or the people I have made plans with because I love love love spending time with them, but I just struggle with actually getting myself to the event or going out of the comfort of daily routine. And I know this possibly will be harder for me heading out of lockdown after being home for so long and for others who maybe feel a little like this are faced with my friends don’t want to hear it or are going to be mad with me if I do this. So if like me you're feeling scared remember we still have the right to say no to going places if we do not feel like it and by doing this we don't become bad friends or people either.

Secondly, I only drink on very rare occasion and luckily for me my friends and family are super okay with this and I do not really face any pressure to drink from anywhere. Maybe you have a friend who does not always drink or has gone home a little earlier than others before so this added pressure might be making them feel like not coming out when the time comes because the idea of facing the pressure is a little too much. On the flip side if these things come from a good place and you do know your friends/family super well and they face pressure from else to not be going out, not allowed to wear what they want or have a drink when in fact it is truly what they want to be doing then yes maybe a little bit of healthy encouragement will be the breakthrough for them to cut ties with the people or things in their life that create those pressures. I get it, it is also super hard to know what is right and what is wrong but my point here is to be mindful of those around you and converse with your friends/family about how they feel and where they are at so we can make better informed decision when it’s needed.

Then we are hearing let’s come out of lockdown as the best version of ourselves and in reality, for some of us those things like being around family, friends, in our favourite coffee shops working, attending sports club and loads more things are what make us feel our best selves and we haven't been able to be a part of them for a while. Some people will have adapt new habits good or bad and once lockdown lifts then environment changes meaning these habits will have to change and the idea of your best self might change amongst this. Now you’re back at work you might not be able to exercise at lunch time anymore or have the time or energy to be cooking three healthy meals in the mist of adjusting back to work on site. That cheeky Monday night bottle of wine that you have gotten so used to might have to change now you’re back driving into work and how you deal with this might be challenging. Earlier wake up times might knock the routine your are so used to off track. So, if you don’t feel like your best self on June 21st (at the earliest) remember that is also okay and maybe getting back into normal life and doing all the things will take time but you will feel your good even great again I am sure just don’t be deflated or feel like you have done something wrong if you don’t quiet feel like your best on June 21st. Be kind and patient with yourself during this process.

Finally diet culture we all talked on social media in December/January about not getting sucked in or not listening to diet culture, but social media seems to be full of that ice on a plate image and people saying this is you chance to get in shape before people in the public see you, now’s the time to commit to your fitness journey, you have X amount of weeks and so on. It’s not everyone and it never is everyone and I am not saying you shouldn’t be getting into fitness or improving yourself but for me it becomes problematic when you are saying ‘This is your time’ or addressing it like ‘We have X amount of weeks’ because really its not up to you as an individual to decide when it the right time for anyone else likewise they don’t decide when it is right for you. If lockdown lifting has been the thing to fuel you to get started amazing but it won’t and doesn’t need to be anyone else nor should anyone be made to feel like they should be getting into fitness/looking skinny in order to make them worthy of living their best life once lockdown is lifted. In a nut shell DO YOU but for you not for anyone else and if you are going to share it with the world just be mindful like we have been doing (or at least its felt like it for me) prior to the lockdown lifting announcement.

I have myself been unfollowing those accounts the past few days that have personally been a little much for me and if you feel like this will help then do it because social media should be an uplifting and happy place.

Look after yourself however is best for you as we battle what is hopefully the last few months of all this weirdness and be there for your friends and family because people will still be suffering in silence.

Love, R x

Below are all the important places you can call or contact if you're in a place of need or know someone who is:

Samaritans. -

To talk about anything that is upsetting you, you can contact Samaritans 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You can call 116 123 (free from any phone)



If you're experiencing a mental health problem or supporting someone else.

You can call SANEline on 0300 304 7000

(4.30pm–10.30pm every day).

The Mix.

If you're under 25

You can call The Mix on 0808 808 4994

(Sunday-Friday 2pm–11pm), request support by email using this form on The Mix website or use their crisis text messenger service.

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM).

If you identify as male.

You can call the (CALM) on 0800 58 58 58

(5pm–midnight every day) or use their webchat service.


If you're a student, you can look on the Nightline website to see if your university or college offers a night-time listening service. Nightline phone operators are all students too.


If you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

You can call Switchboard on 0300 330 0630

(10am–10pm every day), email or use their webchat service. Phone operators all identify as LGBT+.

Helplines Partnership.

For more options, visit the Helplines Partnership website for a directory of UK helplines. Mind's Infoline can also help you find services that can support you. If you're outside the UK, the Befrienders Worldwide website has a tool to search by country for emotional support helplines around the world.

Numbers and helpline information all sourced from:

Helplines and listening services | Mind, the mental health charity - help for mental health problems

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