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The Mind. Body. Soul. Collection marks the beginning of my journey to better health. This blog will be made up of collaborative information from industry experts on ways to achieve better physical health and mental health while feeding your soul with the treasures and treats life has to offer. I will be sharing my personal stories as I embarked on my journey to better health including the good, bad, highs and lows.

Meet 'me'

As I mentioned above about 'me' embarking on my journey to better health I imagine you are wondering who is the person writing the blog.

I am Roisin 22-year-old creative technician at a Fashion college and CEO of dreamland sport. Monday to Friday I work at a Birmingham (UK) based fashion college with the most amazing team you could imagine. My roles include helping gather resources for lessons, helping students with sewing tasks, machine and room maintenance, ordering resources, booking trips (sadly not many this year due to Covid) and lots of other bits and bobs. It's a super fun job and every day is different which for me is perfect as my little amount of job history proved that I get bored of the same routine tasks extremely quickly.

As far as health goes currently, I eat what I feel like eating and have at least one to two takeaways a week. I have also been aware of the amount of sugar I consume daily for a long time but never really been concerned. I have three sugars in every hot drink and averagely I will have 4-5 cups of coffee and tea through the weekdays, so that's 12-15 sugars consumed daily not including the chocolate/sweets I will snack on throughout the day every day. So, it is time to change and this change has been a long time coming. I am not here to cut it all out completely I just want to expand my knowledge and build habits so I can enjoy controlled healthier amounts of sugar along with eating nutrient rich food that will make me feel energies, alert and just simply feeling better in my body. At present I don't typically look unhealthy however I feel sluggish, tired, often have headaches and get out of breath when trying to keep up with my partner on a leisurely walk so somethings simply are not right. I have also since experiencing loss in my family had a curiosity to tap into my spiritual self which has led me into this deep thought and care for my entire life and somewhat seeking for a cleanse in different aspects of my life. I am here to document and take you along on my journey to better health. I am going to be sharing what I learn, how I put it into practise, if it works or not, general tips and knowledge and lots of things I discover along the way.

Little more background to the brand.

Since graduating and working on my graduate collection I realised how much wastage happens in the studios of fashion universities and all though I was aware of how bad wastage was within the fashion industry already was, this changed my mind set towards it. It sparked up an interest into #sustainablefashion and #sustainablepractises which shaped how I hope my business will run and be positioned in the fashion industry. Of course, these things do not happen overnight but I am continuously working to creating a much more sustainable brand every time I make a decision that is brand related. Also leading a more sustainable personal life has been a huge focus of mine since the lockdowns started and I am truly proud to say I have more than halved my ordering habits and have only brought second hand goods from Depop or invest into pieces I have wanted for at least one year or longer (and this was only on one occasion). I still have a super long way to go but as the business grows and heads in a more sustainable direction, I hope my personal life and habits do too.

Meet our industry expert

Leighanne is a Personal trainer with 4 years coaching experience in her field and in my opinion the queen of doing life right. She offers real life advice, tips and tricks on how to be healthy in a positive way. She has collaborated with us and created a series of videos based around the mind, body and soul. These videos will feature throughout the weekly blog posts, the information and knowledge in the videos continues to inform my opinions and expand my knowledge in the wellness world. I hope it does the same for you.

"Online coaching is a revolutionary way of delivering the help and education you would get during 1:1 personal training but with the capacity to do, deliver and achieve more. I have been coaching for 4 years, my online clients get better results than my in-person clients because I can deliver the level of support that you need as opposed to the amount, I can fit in a 1 hour in-person session."

Leighanne is the mother to 4 fur babies and if you follow her on Instagram, I promise you will not be disappointed they are so cute and feature regularly. She got into the fitness industry on a whim as her original choice was to do car mechanises in college. Two weeks before the application deadline for colleges, the course was cut due to funding and she had to find something else...quickly.

She chose personal training as she thought she would get a job straight after her course and as she felt unsure what to do with her life she thought working as a PT she could work while she deliberated her life choices of going to University or not (spoiler alert: she didn't go).

On paper the course was probably the worse course for Leighanne. P.E which she conveniently has a period for every week at school, and science, where she spent most of the lessons in the corridors being sent out of her classes.

However, 6 months into the course she thought "you know what? This is cracking!" and the love and passion was found.

She worked in gyms over the years during and after her time at college and, as her confidence and knowledge grew, found that there were lots of standards that she was not cool with.

She would work with women whose confidence was so rock bottom it took them 6 months to build up to asking me a question. Then, she would see that as industry standard, people would order their clients on what to do so that the client never knew what to do on their long term and keeping them on the books for longer.

Both of those put her nose out of joint so she decided to piss a lot of people off as she aligned her work with what she believed was missing and what clients of hers deserved.

She spent time learning about the methods of coaching she could use to not order a client around but encourage, educate and empower them to not need her forever.

She learnt how to build confidence in her ladies so that they could accept their body as it was whilst working towards where they were going. They could start improving their self-image, confidence and happiness faster and seeing this spill into other aspects of her client's lives was just astonishing and beyond rewarding.

You might wonder why this rubbed some people the wrong way...

The fitness industry is built on confusion, misinformation and self-loathing to make recurring money off your insecurities. Profiteering off people's misfortunes felt so sleazy to me and so she curated her coaching to combat this problem and flip her client's mental position 180 degrees.

Join her and her ladies from all over the UK to help them piss off the less authentic in the industry.


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